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Emotions are Powerful

Emotions are powerful, YOUR emotions are power. They drive you to do great hinges and maybe some not so great things. This is a truth: we all have them, we all manage them and they impact our lives greatly.  My question to you is, who (or what) are you letting control them?? You see, emotions […]

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Article Weak Link

It is no secret that when a chain breaks, the weakest link is the culprit.  The common sense application to our life is to focus on what that analogy might be representing to each one of us.  However, I want to look at it from a different angle, I want don’t want to focus on […]

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A couple of months ago I transplanted some plants that were long overdue into larger pots.  Even someone with no green thumb could tell this needed done; the plants weren’t growing, would wilt quickly, the dirt was getting low and the pots were obviously too small.  After making a huge mess (I expected this) the […]

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