Emotions are Powerful

Emotions are powerful, YOUR emotions are power. They drive you to do great hinges and maybe some not so great things. This is a truth: we all have them, we all manage them and they impact our lives greatly.  My question to you is, who (or what) are you letting control them??

You see, emotions are a main (if not THE main) driver of action. They are like a drug, causing hormonal and chemical effects in our mind and body. This underscores the critical importance of being in control of your own emotions.
Emotions are powerful
“Easy for you to say Irwin” you huff, but how can you do this?  Honestly, this is sometimes easy and sometimes one of the hardest things to do. However, those who are able to control their emotions have more control over their actions and life.

Below are 5 practical tips on how to control your emotions.  Everyone is different, ESPECIALLY when it comes to emotions so try different techniques until you find one (or more) that works for you in various situations.


1. Pause: If there is a situation that you are feeling emotions starting to build, pause before you proceed, take as much as you need, which could be minutes or even days.
2. Deep breath: When you have the temptation to ‘knee jerk’ a reaction, as above, pause and take a deep breath, perhaps many.
3. Move: Physical activity can be a huge tool when dealing with emotions. This could be lifting, cardio, simply going for a walk, kickboxing, etc. Get moving and get control.
4.  Music: Listen to that song that always puts you in a good mood (bohemian rhapsody comes to mind) or gets you in the mindset you want to be in.
5.  Hobby: Maybe you have an activity that you can come to that helps you regain focus.  Perhaps reading, shooting pool, trivia, the sky is the limit here.

Ryan Irwin


Ryan’s background is drawn from over 20 years of competitive bodybuilding and power lifting, running multiple businesses, all while raising a family and helping develop others to reach their full potential. In addition to being certified in both sports nutrition and personal training, Ryan’s experience is backed by continuous education. He is a professional natural bodybuilder, winning titles without the use of performance enhancing drugs and has competed in 20+ contests over the past two decades. Ryan also is a competitive power lifter and holds national records in power lifting as well. A specialist in adding size and strength, Ryan has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals and continues to help many individuals add quality mass with strength, in addition to helping many lean up while sculpting their physiques. He also has spoken to many audiences regarding health, nutrition, personal development and motivation.  Contact him only if you want some serious results! Contact Ryan at naturaliowamuscle@gmail.com.