The inaugural NANBF Midwest Muscle Fest was a huge success!
2021 marked the first ever Midwest Muscle Fest and congratulations to all the competitors who made it an amazing competition! The day is all about you and there were some fantastic physiques and tough classes!  Some excellent competitors and watch for those winning IPE Pro Cards to hit the natural bodybuilding pro circuit!
A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible. The judges, volunteers, staff at the Bien Venu Event Center, and the countless other people behind the scenes.  Below are results pending UA results (Note: top five shown, all other names in class listed by alphabetical order by last name).
Thank you to everyone who attended and for helping us pay tribute to those lost on 9/11 twenty years ago. It was a powerful moment.
We greatly appreciate our sponsors and partners including:
Schiek Sports Inc., Impact Action Coaching, Total Nutrition-Cedar Falls, W-right Rays, Liquid Spectrum and the Bien Venu Events Center.



Bodybuilding Open

  1. Quinton Varce (IPE Pro Card recipient)
  2. Mike Pollay (Best Poser)
  3. Frazer Raffaeli
  4. Troy Montgomery
  5. Zachary Weaver

Bodybuilding Novice

  1. Mike Pllay
  2. Zachary Weaver

Bodybuilding 40+

  1. Mike Pollay (IPE Masters Pro Card recipient)
  2. Frazer Raffaeli
  3. Troy Montgomery

Bodybuilding 50+

  1. Mike Pollay
  2. Troy Montgomery

Bodybuilding Collegiate

  1. Zachary Weaver

Women’s Physique Open

  1. Tiana Clark
  2. Jessie Ott (Best Poser)

Women’s Physique Iowa

  1. Jessie Ott

Women’s Physique Novice

  1. Jessie Ott

Women’s Physique 40+

  1. Tiana Clark

Classic Physique Open

  1. Carter Carlson (IPE Pro Card recipient)
  2. Kaleb McConaughy
  3. Jacob Qualben (Best Poser)
  4. Frazer Raffaeli
  5. Troy Montgomery

Zachary Weaver

Classic Physique Iowa

  1. Zachary Weaver

Classic Physique 40+

  1. Frazer Raffaeli
  2. Troy Montgomery

Classic Physique Collegiate

  1. Zachary Weaver

Men’s Physique Open

  1. Carter Carlson (IPE Pro Card recipient and Best Poser)
  2. Kaleb McConaughy
  3. Peter Lin
  4. Zackary Coetzee
  5. Ben Bartels

Men’s Physique Novice

  1. Zackary Coetzee

Men’s Physique Teen

  1. Peter Lin
  2. Zackary Coetzee

Figure Open

  1. Ashley Gosselink (IPE Pro Card recipient)
  2. Cassandra Kannenberg (Best Poser)
  3. Erika Sweeney
  4. Tiana Clark
  5. Jennifer Brazelton

Amy Bonta

Britney Faust

Susan Greenwald

Figure Iowa

  1. Ashley Gosselink
  2. Britney Faust

Figure Novice

  1. Hazel Ward-Schmoll
  2. Britney Faust
  3. Amy Bonta

Figure 40+

  1. Erika Sweeney (IPE Masters Pro Card recipient)
  2. Tiana Clark
  3. Hazel Ward-Schmoll
  4. Jennifer Brazelton
  5. Amy Bonta

Figure 50+

  1. Jennifer Brazelton
  2. Susan Greenwald

Bikini Open

  1. Kat Saiz (IPE Pro Card recipient)
  2. Valerie Ballweg (Best Poser)
  3. Kelly Dooley
  4. Darci Lorensen
  5. Blanca Biede

Candi Gurwell

Lindy McCloskey

Danelle Miller

Laura Ortega

Bikini Iowa

  1. Darci Lorensen
  2. Blanca Biede
  3. Candi Gurwell

Bikini Novice

  1. Kat Saiz
  2. Kelly Dooley
  3. Darci Lorensen
  4. Blanca Biede
  5. Danelle Miller

Candi Gurwell

Lindy McCloskey

Laura Ortega

Bikini 40+

  1. Blanca Biede (IPE Masters Pro Card recipient)
  2. Lindy McCloskey
  3. Hazel Ward-schmoll