Planning the trip called life

As usual, I was having a discussion with one of my kids, this time, my 16 year old daughter, and in the process of me teaching her, she taught me something.

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You see, she wants to be a photographer, she is very creative and I know she would do well.  Additionally, she wants to travel; like all over the world travel.  While it would be hard knowing she might be across the world in Canberra, Australia, I am fully encouraging it (I don’t know much but I do know not to hold back on dreams, especially of kids).
To augment this, I am having her look up three photographers that she would like her career to mimic.  This exercise has taken some time and I would say it is largely due to my fault for not clearly defining the “why”.
At the dinner table, I started up the discussion with asking what is the single most important component of going on a trip.
Here were three of the responses:
  1. Planing
  2. Packing
  3. Money
I agreed those were all important (especially the planning) but there was something even more crucial and specific that is the number one thing.
My analogy then came full circle as I explained just as when planning a trip, you need to have a destination defined, otherwise, you will literally go in circles.  That doesn’t mean you can never change this destination, or when you do get there, you can’t decide on going to a different destination, but you do need to have one identified at the onset to start the journey.  Similarly, with wanting to be a world traveling photographer, identifying examples of such people will allow to examine, research and plan your own journey to your destination.
I share this as we close on 2015 and look to 2016, my encouragement to you is to dream big.  Dream big and identify your destination.  This “destination” might be a physical achievement, it could be a new job, it might be a new (or breaking an old) habit.  Refer back to the goal setting exercise I sent earlier.  You might not get to your destination in 2016, or even in the following year, but I can confidently say that you can begin the journey, and the journey is usually just as rewarding as the arrival.
Ryan Irwin