May 8th, 2021 was the 27th annual NANBF Natural Iowa, there were so many awesome highlights, there is no way to cover it all in these few paragraphs.  First and foremost the competitors displayed not just some extraordinary physiques but also had many inspiring stories! Not only were there some well-deserved pro cards awarded, but we also got the privilege to showcase and honor those in the inaugural Transformation category. Thank you to all the competitors who graced the Hoyt Sherman stage, YOU made the event and our hope was that you will forever remember that moment.
Thank you to the many people who made this event happen!! There are too many individuals to name personally, but from set-up to tear down, there were many hands to help make this contest a success and we could not put this on without you! Judges, tanners, doors, music, expediting, drug testing and so much more, each person made an impact on the day and we are very grateful!
Sponsors, we could not have made this happen without you! Huge shout out to Big House Gym & Nutrition/Apparel for their partnership. Not only did they have an amazing booth but loaded the competitors up with lots of swag! Joe’s Gym – Indianola as well for sponsoring the Transformation category! Also Liquid Spectrum Schiek Sports, Inc., Gorilla Graffiti, MuscleBound USA Gym, Freshfitmeals, True Life Wellness, Impact Action Coaching along with the staff at the Renaissance Hotel Savery to make this day happen for the competitors.

Men’s Bodybuilding Open

1          Aaron McCarthy *IPE Open Pro Card

2          Travis Ryan

3          Adam Hanson

4          Braxton Martin

5          Hunter Walkingstick


Men’s Bodybuilding Iowa

1          Adam Hanson


Men’s Bodybuilding Novice

1          JB Kirk


Men’s Bodybuilding 40+

1          Mick Wightman *IPE Masters Pro Card

2          JB Kirk

3          Shawn Fitch


Men’s Bodybuilding Teen

1          Devin Smith

2          Braxton Martin

3          Hunter Walkingstick


Women’s Physique

1          Melanie Huschka *IPE Open Pro Card

2          Renee Schneider

3          Megan Cowman

4          Amber Smith


Women’s Physique Iowa

1          Melanie Huschka

2          Amber Smith


Women’s Physique Novice

1          Melanie Huschka

2          Renee Schneider

3          Megan Cowman

4          Amber Smith


Classic Physique Open Short

1          Aaron McCarthy

2          Jonathan Brydie

3          Mick Wightman

4          Dalton  Ehret

5          Marcus Theill

Joshua Perea


Classic Physique Open Tall

1          Justin Shepherd

2          Eric Gansemer

3          Nicholas Dickerson

4          Ronnie Hill

5          Adam Hanson

Braxton Martin


Overall Winner

Aaron McCarthy IPE Open Pro Card


Classic Physique Novice

1          Nicholas Dickerson

2          Ronnie Hill

3          Evan Lehr

4          Dalton  Ehret

5          Marcus Theill


Classic Physique 40+

1          Mick Wightman


Classic Physique 50+

1          Mick Wightman


Classic Physique Teen

1          Devin Smith

2          Cayson Binning

3          Braxton Martin


Figure Open

1          Brenda Lee *IPE Open Pro Card

2          Michelle Hoeft

3          Megan Cowman

4          Lyzz Glueckstein

5          Hannah Grapp

Amy Bonta

Heather Dee


Figure Iowa

1          Megan Cowman


Figure Novice

1          Lyzz Glueckstein

2          Hannah Grapp

3          Amy Bonta


Figure 40+ IPE PQ

1          Brenda Lee *IPE Masters Pro Card

2          Jennifer Brazelton

3          Michelle Hoeft

4          Amy Bonta


Figure 50+

1          Jennifer Brazelton

2          Heather Dee



1          Craig Bender



1          Molly Fiddelke

2          Naomi Crosby


Men’s Physique Open Short

1          Durias  Henry

2          Jakob Holland-castro

3          Jonathan Brydie

4          Scott Samyn

5          Joshua Perea

Men’s Physique Open Tall

1          Eric Gansemer

2          Lee harbin

3          James Menting


Overall Winner

Eric Gansemer IPE Open Pro Card


Men’s Physique Iowa

1          Dalton  Ehret


Men’s Physique Novice

1          Durias  Henry

2          Jakob Holland-castro

3          Scott Samyn

4          Reece  Logan

5          Jay Hornung


Men’s Physique Teen

1          Cayson Binning

2          Reece  Logan

3          Ben Fredrickson


Bikini Open Short

1          Elisa Edelstein

2          Hiliary Chisholm

3          Cheyanne Egeland

4          Ashley Edge

5          Feifei Chen

Monika Allen

Madina Akhatova

Megan Letze

Jenny English


Bikini Open Medium

1          Marissa Knoop

2          Erika Roesler

3          Cameron Childs

4          Sarah Smyrk

5          Ashley Farnsworth

Tracy Matros


Bikini Open Tall

1          Stacy Agnitsch

2          Amand Pacheco

3          Nicole  Murphy

4          Carrie Davis

5          Heather Semelmacher


Overall Winner

Marissa Knoop IPE Open Pro Card


Bikini Iowa Short

1          Cheyanne Egeland

2          Feifei Chen

3          Madina Akhatova

4          Megan Letze

5          Jenny English


Bikini Iowa Tall

1          Stacy Agnitsch

2          Cameron Childs

3          Kaimee Akers

4          Heather Semelmacher

5          Ashley Farnsworth


Overall Winner

Stacy Agnitsch


Bikini Novice Short

1          Elisa Edelstein

2          Ashley Edge

3          Megan Letze

4          Feifei Chen

5          Madina Akhatova

Jenny English

Amber O’Neill


Bikini Novice Medium

1          Erika Roesler

2          Hiliary  Chisholm

3          Cameron Childs

4          Ashley Farnsworth

5          Tracy Matros


Bikini Novice Tall

1          Stacy Agnitsch

2          Amanda Pacheco

3          Nicole Murphy

4          Kamee Ackers

5          Carrie Davis

Heather Semelmacher


Overall Winner

Erika Roesler


Bikini 40+

1          Stacy Agnitsch *IPE Masters Pro Card

2          Kaimee Akers

3          Heather Semelmacher

4          Sarah Smyrk

5          Carrie Davis

Amber O’Neill


Bikini 50+

1          Rhonda Paine