2019 NANBF Natural Iowa Results

2019 NANBF Natural Iowa Results

2019 marked the historic 25th anniversary of the NANBF Natural Iowa!!!  On May 11th, the tradition continued that started way back in 1994 thanks to Scot Dickerson, and this year’s event yet again brought some amazing competitors in a truly magnificent fashion at the historic Hoyt Sherman theater in Des Moines, Iowa.  Below are the NANBF Natural Iowa results for this year.  With over 100 entries, the quality was extremely high and each one of the IPE pro cards was definitely earned that day.  Thank you to the volunteers, judges and sponsors who made this event possible.  We were also privileged to be able to once again support Courage League Sports this year!  Special thanks to Joe’s Gym, Impact Action Coaching, 5 Star Nutrition, Fresh Fit Meals, Fitmark Bags, Gorilla Graffiti, Schiek Sports, Liquid Spectrum Photography and Evolving Edge Graphics for making this event a reality through their support.

Men’s Bodybuilding Open Short

1        Zach Van Sant

2        Maitham Abdul

3        Arthur Adame

4        Jeremiah Erickson


Men’s Bodybuilding Open Tall

1          Michael Gholston * Overall Winner

2          Bryce Erban

3          Andrew Nisen

4          Adrian Hawkins

5          Mark Madison

6          Chad Panek


Men’s Bodybuilding Iowa

1          Maitham Abdul


Men’s Bodybuilding Novice Short

1          Zach Van Sant *Overall Winner

2          Maitham Abdul

3          Arthur Adame

4          Jeremiah Erickson


Men’s Bodybuilding Novice Tall

1          Mark Madison

2          Carter McMullen

3          Chad Panek

4          Kaiden Ellingson

5          JB Kirk


Men’s Bodybuilding 40+

1          Wardell Rankins ** Best Poser

2          Chad Panek

3          Arthur Adame

4          Dain Brunscheen



Men’s Bodybuilding 50+

1          Wardell Rankins

2          Mark Ellingson


Men’s Bodybuilding Collegiate

1          Zach Van Sant


Men’s Bodybuilding Teen

1          Carter McMullen


Women’s Physique Open

1          Alex Blaker

2          Shae Pelowski **Best Poser


Women’s Physique Novice

1          Shae Pelowski




Women’s Bodybuilding Open

1          Shae Pelowski


Women’s Bodybuilding Novice

1          Shae Pelowski

Classic Physique Open

1          Michael Gholston

2          Mark Madison

3          Nicolas Mabo

4          Martin Cervantez **Best Poser

5          Ryan Kohls

6          Joshua Vaughan


Classic Physique Novice

1          Mark Madison

2          Martin Cervantez

3          Dillon  Burns

4          David Edwards


Classic Physique 40+

1          Nicolas Mabo

2          Ryan Kohls


Classic Physique 50+

1          Mark Ellingson                      

Figure Open Short

1          Rikki Blaker **Best Poser

2          Ashley Wilson

3          Stephanie Schmitz

4          Mackenzie Morthland

5          Sarah Lash

Kate Bowermaster

Hannah Cox

Stacey Noe


Figure Open Tall

LauraWichlinski1          Laura Wichlinski *Overall Winner

2          Chelsea Berry

3          Sarah Cervantez

4          Casee  Veren

5          Alex Blaker

Jenna Wills

Rachel Ray

Kristin Fuhs


Figure Iowa

1          Ashley Wilson

2          Casee  Veren

3          Sarah Lash

4          Kate Bowermaster

5          Stacey Noe

Rachel Ray

Grace Byram

Kristin Fuhs


Figure Novice Short

1          Stephanie Schmitz

2          Sarah Lash

3          Mackenzie Morthland

4          Kate Bowermaster **Karl Schneider Sportsmanship Award winner

5          Stacey Noe

Hannah Cox

Grace Byram


Figure Novice Tall

1          Laura Wichlinski *Overall Winner

2          Casee Veren

3          Jenna Wills

4          Alex Blaker

5          Jessica Jensen

Molly Hinchliff

Rachel Ray

Kristin Fuhs


Figure 40+

1          Stacey Noe

2          Jessica Jensen


Figure Collegiate

1          Chelsea Berry

2          Mackenzie Morthland

3          Molly Hinchliff

Men’s Physique Open Short

1          Ki’anie  Brooks *Best Presentation

2          Marcel Deveaux

3          Reese Stahlbaum

4          Jacob McLaughlin

5          Jamieson Ross

6          Scott Samyn


Men’s Physique Open Tall

1          Isaiah  Bawek *Overall Winner

2          Dillon  Chase

3          Joseph Gottwaldt

4          Dan Fagan

5          Trevor Usher

6          Caleb Williams


Men’s Physique Iowa

1          Reese  Stahlbaum

2          Luke Stutzman


Men’s Physique Novice

1          Reese Stahlbaum

2          Joseph Gottwaldt

3          Jacob McLaughlin

4          Caleb Petersen

5          Scott Samyn

Carver Gage

Luke Stutzman

Caleb Williams

Christian Boshart


Men’s Physique 40+

1          Bob Messer

2          Luke Stutzman


Men’s Physique Collegiate

1          Reese Stahlbaum

2          Zach Osland


Men’s Physique Teen

1          Carver Gage

2          Caleb Petersen

3          Jagar Hobmeier

Bikini Open Short

Alyssa Becerra

Alyssa Becerra

1          Alyssa Becerra *Overall Winner and Best Presentation

2          Jahla Hoffman

3          Mandie Day

4          Megan Letze

5          Kelsey Kempf

Emma Zahn

Jenny English

Amy Zach

Tammy Johnson


Bikini Open Medium

1           Heidi Stark

2          Rachel Duax

3          Jill Parker

4          Chelsea Vajgrt

5          Christine Wilson

Kristina Paulette

Chelsea Sawyers

Chantal Saint Andre

Diana Taylor

Melissa Olson

Samantha Hawley


Bikini Open Tall

1          Jordan Timm

2          Monika Perkerwicz

3          Adrianna Winfrey

4          Taylor Kjergaard

5          Cassie Koca

Christina Williams

Annie Rathman

Jenny Slycord

Stephanie Doyle

Jill Flynn


Bikini Iowa Short

1          Jahla Hoffman

2          Megan Letze

3          Kelsey Kempf

4          Jenny English

5          Amy Zach

Monica Price

Tammy Johnson


Bikini Iowa Tall

1             Jill Parker * Overall Winner

2             Chelsea Vajgrt

3             Chelsea Sawyers

4             Diana    Taylor

5             Kim Carmichael

Jenny Slycord

Jill Flynn


Bikini Novice Short

1          Mandie Day

2          Jahla Hoffman

3          Kelsey Kempf

4          Megan Letze

5          Jenny English

Amy Zach

Monica Price

Tammy Johnson

Bikini Novice Med

1           Heidi Stark

2          Rachel Duax

3          Chelsea Vajgrt

4          Christine Wilson

5          Chelsea Sawyers

Diana  Taylor

Chantal Saint Andre

Samantha Hawley


Bikini Novice Tall

1          Jordan Timm *Overall Winner

2          Annie  Rathman

3          Christina Williams

4          Kim Carmichael

5          Noelle Elvehjem

Jenny  Slycord

Katie Morio

Stephanie Doyle

Jill Flynn


Bikini 40+

1          Kim Carmichael

2          Cassie Koca

3          Kristina Paulette

4          Diana  Taylor

5          Katie Morio

Amy Zach

Jill Flynn


Bikini 50+

1          Cassie Koca


Bikini Collegiate

1          Jahla Hoffman

NANBF Natural Iowa results