12 months of ACTION to make 2017 the BEST!!

Goals are a common practice to set for the upcoming year, but what if you have 12 months of ACTION items to hit those goals?

I am putting on a workshop on Saturday, Dec 10th in my Waukee, IA office from 9 AM to noon where you will come away with the following:

1. Based on your primary “Whys” (which I will assist you in identifying) determine the game changers that will be the biggest impact in 2017 to your big why’s and make it your best year to date!

2.  Set goals in all categories in your life to  achieve big things this year that are in a balanced format.  Examples include health, career, financial, lifestyle, etc.

3.  Put together a sequential list of doable actions that will get you a list of tasks that you can follow to succeed in your big audacious goals.  Anyone can drive across the country but without an end destination or a map to get you there, you will just be spinning wheels and while being busy, non productive.

4.  Strategically plan on how to hold yourself accountable on a daily basis so that 12 months later you can look back and see the accomplishments and experience the results.

This workshop is limited to 10 more individuals (to allow for interaction).  Cost is $50 per person or $75 per couple (encouraging couples as this is something they should be working on together). Upon registering you will get a worksheet to begin the planning process to get the most out of this workshop.  The deadline to register is Friday, November 18th at 5 PM.  To register, email: naturaliowamuscle@gmail.com.

Feel free to forward this on to anyone you think would benefit from setting a plan to achieve in place for 2017, time to make this a break-through year!!

goalsRyan Irwin, BS, CPT, Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, Coach & Owner

Ryan’s background is drawn from over 2 decades of years of balancing competitive sports, multiple business ownerships, event planning while being a husband and father.  He has helped countless individuals target and achieve their goals.  As a coach, he focuses on giving his clients tools that they can use not only to make an immediate impact but can also be utilized throughout their life.  He also has worked with many audiences regarding health, nutrition and motivation, including the Des Moines Police Department, Drake University, Urbandale Chamber of Commerce and many others.

Ryan Irwin BS, CPT
Natural Iowa Muscle, LLC
Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist
Pro Natural Bodybuilder
Powerlifting National Champion
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