Something to Chewon Effort

Everyone loves rewards.  Rewards could be something you receive due to a single feat you accomplished, or maybe you just finished a big project or large number of tasks.  Perhaps a reward is earned from the fact that you didn’t do something.  In any instance, a reward is something that is the outcome of effort you have put forth.


Effort in equals results out

The amount of effort one puts forth should have a direct impact on the scale of the reward.  For example, if you have just completed a 24 month project at work that launches a new platform, then a reasonable expectation would be a promotion or similar compensation increase.  Likewise, if the completed task is something insignificant, like say doing the dishes or another task that should be standard expectations, then either a reward isn’t needed or an accumulation of tasks are reasonable to complete prior to a reward.


Savor the grind

Equally (if not more) important as enjoying rewards is savoring the grind.  This is the daily work that is done to achieve.  The grind is what is necessary to do and the thing that sets achievers apart is that they grind when they don’t want to or when it’s not convenient.  Another way to describe it is to put in the work even after the enthusiasm of the initial newness and excitement has worn off.  An example of this is multiple days of training and low carbs.  While everyone likes the free meal or reefed, the challenge of those low carb days should be equal in effort.


The punisher

I would be remiss if I didn’t address the topic of punishments.  Everyone is driven in different ways.  Some work harder to receive a reward, others are driven most through competition.  There are certain people who respond best to avoid the negative experience of a punishment.  I’ve had individuals ask me if they should set punishments in place if they don’t achieve something.  My answer is it entirely depends on what motivates/drives the person.  If having to stand up in front of the office and do the “Truffle Shuffle” (see Goonies from the ‘80s) is something that avoiding will help you reach your goals, then so be it.  However, if simply not getting a reward (which technically could be defined as a punishment) is enough to drive you then you have your answer.  Some individuals, it is enough reward to just have the sense and feeling of accomplishment of achieving, which is absolutely satisfying to them and enough of a reward.


Wrap up

Setting goals, action plans to achieve and the work required to execute those plans are the basic process of success.  Part of that is putting rewards in place when benchmarks are met.  The key is to find what works best for you and set them appropriately based on the work required.  Keep making every day count to achieve your full potential!