Natural Iowa History: 2007

Natural Iowa History: 2007

Natural Iowa History: 2007

2007 Nanbf Natural IowaLet’s travel back in time to the 2007 NANBF Natural lowa!

May 12, 2007 not only marked the day before Mother’s Day, but it was also the day for the thirteenth annual Nutri-Sport Natural lowa and Central Midwest Bodybuilding, Figure and Xtreme Fit Championships. The stage was set in the elegant and historic Hoyt Sherman Theater in Des Moines lowa.

Starting the competition off and igniting the crowd was xtreme fit competitor Leslie Murphy. Her routine was full of spectacular strength moves and an incredible display of flexibility. Leslie would come back later to compete in the figure category as well.

Kicking off the bodybuilders was the open women. In the short class, Dawn Zaruba’s impressive muscularity edged out Christi Lawrence for the victory. Up next was the open tall class. Donna Randall was ripped and looked fantastic but couldn’t quite edge out Tina Bernal’s combination of size and definition. For the overall victory and pro card, Tina Bernal reigned supreme over the 11 women in the open.

The men took to the stage next to do battle for the pro card in the open class. In the short class, a thickly muscled and vascular Shaun Yahnke took the top spot. For the medium class, it was Ryan Armstrong who took the class with his shredded physique! The medium-tall class saw Winning was Abraham Oluwole who has sweeping muscle bellies and a wasp waist. Finally up were the tall guys, which was an extremely tough class. The top spot went to Matt Tennessen with some thick mass and great proportions.

With all the class winners lined up, while it was a close call between Shaun Yahnke and Abraham Oluwole, but Abraham took the overall title and pro card with his huge mass and tiny joints out of a field of 23.

Stay tuned for more highlights over the upcoming weeks as the countdown is on for the 30th annual 2024 NANBF

Natural lowa in Des Moines on May 4th, it’s going to be epic!!

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