Bodybuilding 101 Video 6: How to Choose The Right Competition

Bodybuilding 101 Video 6: How to Choose The Right Competition

Thank you for the feedback and comments for the Bodybuilding 101 video series!  It’s been awesome to hear others have found value in them.  The goal of this online seminar has been to provide information to people who are interested or starting on their journey to competing in a physique competition or just looking to learn more about the sport.

In this sixth video of the series I discuss the very important topic of how to choose which contest to compete in.  After all the weeks and months you have put in to get stage ready, you certainly want to make a good choice here.  In the next video of this series I will talk about what to do after a contest and what to focus on in between seasons.

If you find this helpful, please share and comment below. More videos in the series are coming soon!

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Ryan has been involved in the sport of bodybuilding for 25 plus years as a competitor, judge, coach and promoter in natural bodybuilding.  The goal is that you find this video series full of information that you can use as a resource for yourself as an existing or potential competitor, a seasoned veteran that can relate to many of my experiences and add to the conversation, or somebody who wants to learn more about the sport of bodybuilding.

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