NANBF Natural Iowa Transformation Challenge Spotlight: Quentin Neal

NANBF Natural Iowa Transformation Challenge Champion Quentin Neal

This year we had some amazing individuals compete in the Transformation Challenge and want to spotlight Quentin Neal, who was the Transformation champion.  Below is his inspiring story and journey.

Being a husband and father of 4, my only objective was to provide for them, and I thought I could be content with that. I was wrong. I had set aside my own personal goals thinking time was on my side and I could attend to my goals later. After losing two childhood friends in the same year, I decided to take control of my life and check some of those goals off of my list. The gym used to be my place of peace, so I figured I’d start there. I started by going to the gym 2 times a week, then it progressed to 3,4,5 days a week. 

This has become a lifestyle change and my plan is to hold myself accountable through documenting this point going forward. My lifestyle change has motivated friends and family to do the same. My son, Jace, asks to train with me however he is too young to lift. I made a promise to stay in shape so he can lift with me next year. A father’s word is everything to a young man and I intend to keep that promise. 

I’d like to thank my cousin Tameka, my wife and son for reminding me how great I can be and my gym family at ultimate fitness. I’d like to say rest in peace Ashley Nicole Hardin. You showed the world what it means to have a beautiful soul.

Congratulations Quentin on your accomplishment and for your success in the transformation category!! For information on next NANBF Natural Iowa competition and how you can maybe find yourself in the Natural Iowa Competitor Spotlight, check out the next upcoming competition here