Competitor Profile for Beau Craig

Beau is the 2017 NANBF Natural Iowa Open Bodybuilding Champion and IPE Pro Card winner. Below is his insight when asked about his prep for the 2017 Natural Iowa.

1. What made you decide to compete? I have enjoyed lifting weights ever since I began back in high school in 2009. Back then, I never had thoughts of competing in the sport, I just enjoyed being in the weight room and bettering myself for school sports. Upon graduation, I ended up at South Dakota State University where I met my future coach. Early in our friendship, he would tell me that I had potential to be a bodybuilder, but I always doubted him and claimed that the stage was not for me. About 2 years later, he finally persuaded me to start training for the Natural Iowa Competition. From that point on, I started gradually preparing for the competition that took place this past May in Des Moines.
2. What obstacles did you overcome? With bodybuilding, you have to be very disciplined on a daily basis to truly achieve the results you desire. With that being said, attending pharmacy school required me to find a perfect balance between bodybuilding and the rigors of school in order to succeed at both this past year while in preparation for the competition.
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*3. What was the hardest part of the prep? *The most difficult part of prep was the calorie restriction. I was fine with all of the weight lifting and increased amount of cardio, but decreasing my total caloric intake on a weekly basis really decreased my performance in the gym and at school.
4. What was the best thing about competing? My favorite part of the competition this past summer was competing against some great athletes who all shared the same passion and lifestyle as myself. This competition was my first and I did not know what to expect heading into it, but I experienced a great rush of emotion once I took the stage with the other athletes that I have not experienced prior.
5. What do you hope others can take away from your story? I hope that future fitness enthusiasts can take my story and see that this type of lifestyle can be very demanding, but if you maintain discipline and motivation, the experience of finally reaching competition day and stepping on stage is one of the most exhilarating you will experience.